Prottay Kumar Adhikary

IIT Delhi (January 2024 - Present)

Topic: Ai for Mental Health

Aswini Kumar Padhi

IIT Delhi (July 2023 - Present)

Topic: Counterspeech generation

Anwoy Chatterjee

IIT Delhi (July 2023 - Present)

Topic: In-context learning with LLMs

Sahil Mishra

(Prime Minister's PhD Fellowship) IIT Delhi (July 2023 - Present)

Topic: Taxonomy construction from heterogeneous graph

Palash Nandi

IIT Delhi (Jan 2023 - Present)

Topic: Hateful meme analysis

Ashutosh Bajpai

IIT Delhi (Jan 2023 - Present)

Topic: Reasoning of LLMs

Ayan Sengupta

IIT Delhi (Aug 2021 - Present)

Topic: Dynamics of language evolution

Shivam Sharma

IIT Delhi (Aug 2020 - Present)

Topic: Harmful meme analysis

Megha Sundriyal

IIIT Delhi (Aug 2020 - Present)

Topic: Fine-grained misinformation detection

Aseem Srivastava

IIIT Delhi (Aug 2020 - Present)

Topic: Dialog-act in mental health conversations

Yash Atri

IIIT Delhi (Jan 2020 - Jun 13, 2024)

(Graduated: June 13, 2024; joined University of Virginia as a postdoc)

Topic: Advancing Text Summarization with Conscience, Comprehension, and Multimodality

Sarah Masud

(Prime Minister PhD Fellowship; Google India PhD Fellow) IIIT Delhi (Jan 2020 - Present)

Topic: Hate speech diffusion

Shivani Kumar

IIIT Delhi (Aug 2019 - Mar 19, 2024)
(Graduated: Mar 19, 2024; joined University of Michigan as a postdoc)

Topic: Understanding and Explaining Affective Traits in English and Code-mixed Conversations

Subhabrata Dutta

Jadavpur University (Co-supervisor: Dr. Dipankar Das) (Aug, 2017 - Dec 2023)
(Graduated: Dec 7, 2023; joined TU Darmstadt as a postdoc)

Topic: Engagement to Persuasion: A Computational Study on Online Social Discourse

Hridoy Sankar Dutta

IIIT Delhi (Aug, 2017 - Sep 2021)
(Graduated: Sep 21, 2021; joined University of Cambridge as a Postdoc)

Topic: Detecting and reasoning blackmarket activities on social media

Dinesh Pradhan

NIT Durgapur (jointly advised by Dr. Subrata Nandi and Dr. Prasenjit Choudhury)
(Graduated: June 17, 2019)

Topic: Dynamics of citation and collaboration networks

Salam Michael Singh

IIT Delhi (Dec 2023 - Present)

Dr. Nitish Prajapati

Founder and Managing Director, Exponential Learning Centre.

Dr. Shaurya Shriyam

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi.

Dr. Partha Sarathi Paul

Associate Professor, School of Computer Engineering, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology

Dr. Tanujit Chakraborty

Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Statistics & AI) at Sorbonne University and Sorbonne Center for AI



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