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  • [Mar 27, 2024] Our paper on the evolution of code-mixed languages accepted in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (Nature Publications).

  • [Mar 19, 2024] Shivani defended her PhD thesis on "Understanding and Explaining Affective Traits in English and Code-mixed Conversations".

  • [Mar 14, 2024] One full paper (counterspeech generation) accepted in NAACL'24 main conference.

  • [Mar 05, 2024] Our journal paper on meme analysis accepted in IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing.

  • [Feb 26, 2024] I gave a keynote talk at the Defactify-3 workshop at AAAI'24.

  • [Feb 20, 2024] Two full papers (code-mixing and dialog) accepted in LREC-COLING'2024 main conference.

  • [Feb 05, 2024] Our opinion paper on "The Promethean Dilemma of AI" accepted in the Communications of the ACM.

  • [Jan 18, 2024] Two full papers (code-mixing and hate speech) accepted in EACL'24 (Findings).

  • [Jan 17, 2024] One full paper (model distilation) accepted in ICLR'24.

  • [Dec 10, 2023] One full paper on enhancing frugal LM for arithmatic reasoning accepted in AAAI'24.

  • [Dec 09, 2023] Subhabrata Dutta defended his PhD thesis and joined TU Darmstadt as a postdoc.

  • [Nov 14, 2023] Sahil Mishra received the PM fellowship; Sarah Masud received the Google India PhD fellowship.

  • [Oct 08, 2023] Six papers (summarization, fact-checking, frugal LM, distilation) accepted in EMNLP'2024 (3 in Main and 3 in Findings)

  • [Sep 11, 2023] Received Adobe Faculty Award.

  • [Aug 28, 2023] Our IJCAI'23 paper on AI for poverty estimation got IJCAI'23 AI for Social Good Award.

  • [Aug 10, 2023] Received JP Morgan Faculty Award.

  • [July 09, 2023] Our ACL'23 paper on cross-lingual prompting got the ACL'23 Outstanding Paper Award.

  • [May 22, 2023] Our opinion article on "reliability of AI-based chatbots for science communication" accepted in the Communications of the ACM.

  • [May 16, 2023] Two full papers (summarization, hate speech) accepted in SIGKDD'23 Main conference.

  • [May 02, 2023] Three full papers (hateful meme, counterspeech, cross-lingual prompting) accepted in ACL'23 Main conference.

  • [April 23, 2023] Our paper on "Judging the creative prowess of AI" accepted in Nature Machine Intelligence.

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